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  • Smart Lock

    Ultimate home safety.

    Control access with few touches on your YEHOME app

    Soon available in three colors i.e gold, stainless steel and dark grey.

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  • 8/4 Node

    Forget using electric switches.

    Use your switch board appliances from YEHOME app

    A powerful device to make your home flow together with eased automation.

  • Smart Plug

    Still, you have to use plugs?

    Plug with extra controls

    Operate plug manually or by just touching ON/OFF on your YEHOME app.

  • Smart Bulb

    Cool light & More Colors.

    A bulb that adapts as you want

    Distinct options to choose colors from and make time based color changing profiles on your YEHOME app.


3D Printing/Designing

Whether you gotta own design or not, just come to us and we will 3D print it for you.

PCB Designing

Want to design a P.C.B with us or just want to get it printed, we do both.

CAD Designing

All CAD design and analysis work will be done by certified employees of YELab.

IOT Products Development

We create non-personalized/personalized products, And help others to also create personalized/non-personalized products.

IOT Servers

We have grade A servers for running and hosting any IOT platform on the cloud, instantly!

Embedded Services

Embedded devices are the coolest devices that we do at YELAB.

People   YELAB

  • I love the idea and the enthusiasm of work in the team which is solely targeting to solve the problems existing in our societies. Team is promising a great line up of solution in the short coming time.

    - Kodia Locks.

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