Where it all started

YeLab was founded in 2017, setting up office in  living room. We started as a group of innovative & passionate engineers sharing common views. By working diligently we prototype views and ideas into technological marvel.

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services at an affordable cost. Our forward vision is to strive to become an entity in technology based corporate solutions, capable of demanding unconditional response from the targeted niche. We use state of the art technology to build and control the things around us in the most innovative way possible. The idea is to change the way we interact with the objects around us like a fan or even a car. Our team has conducted rigorous research to provide the best IOT solution to our consumers at marginal cost.

“We make things talk because we listen beyond the words”.

Years of Experience
Awards & Honors

We have been more than 5 years in IOT industries, and have help more than 100 companies to grow their business.

Our Voyage

YeLab Pvt. Ltd. is an IOT based company which provide the IOT solutions with cutting edge technology. YeLab Pvt. Ltd. was registered in the May, 2017 under Internet Of Things category. YeLab Pvt. Ltd. falls under the banner of Startup India and Make In India initiative. Every process and implementation, right from the inception till finishing of the end product has been done in India. YeLab Pvt. Ltd. has also been featured in various magazines for one of the most innovative startups of 2017. YeLab Pvt. Ltd. has been incubated with the collective zeal of professionals and motivated innovators having vivid experience in the field of IOT. They are young qualified business graduates from renowned universities across India with the advanced engineering background.

Area of Expertise

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Smart Cities
  • IOT Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security in IOT
  • Smart Governance


Our team learn about the system that needed to be automated in a way that the result is heavily optimized.


We do a full research about the product that needs to be developed with all the minor details about it.


We develop initial prototype which serve as a proof of concept about the product based on the research.

Time Framing

We divide all our task in specific timing framework with specific team for specific time.

Capturing Results

Initial prototype provides most of the necessary parameter for us to develop a robust system.


We use 2 level testing mechanism specific to IOT engineering with prototype results serving as base test.

3D Printing

We have 3D printers for performing different mechanical stress on the product.

Making Contracts

The contract ranges from full in-house development of product to sharing the technology.


We listen to all the customer feedback on different social media platform to make our product better.


Total Projects





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