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No Key — Live Free

We provide smart door lock with virtual key sharing system so that your friends and family never wait for the keys to enter. The lock can be unlocked by using either virtual keys or a physical key in case of emergency.


Be Safe —Stay Healthy

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Machine. It Will Sense the person hand or any object on bottom side it automatically dispense the sanitizer liquid for 2 Sec.

  • One power Indicator.
  • Led is provided in front for showing status of sensor
  • Sanitizer capacity 8L

Ye Node

Forget using electric switches.

A powerful device to make your home accessible on your fingertips with ease of automation.

Ye Bulb

Cool light & More Colors.

No need to flip around the switches now.
Just make your life brighter with our smart bulb and control it with our YeHome App. You can also set the ambience colour to suit your mood

Ye Bike

Your Personal Smart Bike Lock

Use your smartphone to safeguard your bike with our lock and get realtime lock tampering notification and buzzer warning on your app. Share your lock keys with your friends and family using restricted one time or specific time access.

Ye Beat

Take a seat!! Feel the beat!! Tap your feet!!

The device supports upto 10 meter RGB led strip which can be used on ceiling decoration, behind the TV or music system to change the color on the beats of music. Lights can be set to follow the beats or controlled through the App.
Just Plug in the Aux and get ready to Rocks!!

Ye Remote

Buy One!! Control Everything!!!

Use your smartphone to control your remote controlled device with ye remote from anywhere. Doesn’t matter you are in the room or not.

Ye Drawer

Keep your things secure !!

Ye Drawer is a smart cabinet lock. You can control your drawer lock with your smartphone. Lock/Unlock via Mobile & automatic locking. No need of Physical Keys.

Our Customer’s Reviews

Great Product and efficient support! A wide variety of design layouts and functionalities. Very helpful and professional support staff which helps quick resolution.
Very enriching and amazing experience with the YeLab team. Even the minute details were taken care of. Team has an eye for detail and very flexible for changing the requirements to deliver the best product.
Neha Saxena
Augmented with the expertise in delivering precise service solutions, team members are full of passion and enthusiasm. I got my product solution within the stipulated time period, and am very happy with their pricing mechanism. Seeking help from them was definitely a value for money. I do hereby recommend visiting their place and feeling the cutting edge technology. I wish them all good for their future endeavors.
Mahendra singh
Great service and expedited delivery is what makes YeLab the first choice if you want to experience quality and conformance to requirements.
Sanjay Singh

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